Beliefs and values

He deeply believes in people’s capabilities. He believes that the cornerstone is setting the right environment. An environment of respect, appreciation, recognition, professionalism and leadership orientation.

Leadership a life style


Leadership is a lifestyle, it’s about caring for your team. It does not have to do with appointed positions or ranking. A leader is someone “who is leading with others.” He is fair, he hates free riders and he shows empathy. He is decisive and uses collective intuition; he is characterized by high emotional intelligence . . . and never forgets the fact that he has massive responsibilities for his team in order to achieve the desired results.


His passion about training and people behaviour was evident from a young age. His first experience was in the army where he served as a platoon trainer. Furthermore, he held various other positions such that of internal trainer in two of the most reputable companies in Cyprus. Within this period, he progressively developed his capabilities and acquired some prestigious certifications in the field of training and development. Simultaneously, he began consulting and coaching companies and individuals. In the mid-2017 he registered his own trademark solely committed in the areas of leadership, customer service, and communication - emotional intelligence.

Christos Nicolaou has more than 20 years of hands-on professional experience in the field of FMCGs and solid up-to-date academic knowledge and he is simply obsessed with training, development and human behaviour issues.


• LCS_Approach is a unique business model that Christos Nicolaou has codified through extensive research.
• Going in the right direction is crucial- to make sure you know WHY you are going in that direction. Many people’s failure were detrimental but success had also the same result for many businesses.
• LCS is the keyword of three quotes.
• L stand for “Everything rises and falls on leadership”
• C stands for “Consistency is a function of leadership” and
• S stand for “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo da Vinci

Keeping in mind and using these three quotes interchangeably, from a strategic point of view the organization becomes more sustainable and resilient to any drawbacks.


CPL (Certified Professional Leadership) – Validated from CIM

Sound strategic approach towards a leadership and customer-centric mentality “ENSURING BUILD TO LAST”

CPL (Certified Professional Leadership) is a program which has been developed through years of hands-on experience and contemporary academic knowledge. A holistic approach to building a leadership and customer-centric mentality.

Beyond the competencies and value that the organization - participants will acquire which is our main aim, they will gain a validated “certification of proficiency” from CIM accompanied with a transcript of eight learnable People skills competencies.


Academic & Professional Qualifications

  • MBA in Strategic Management
  • CPD (Continues Professional Development) in Leadership by Leicester University
  • CPBL (Certified Professional Business Leadership) by CIM. [Expert Zone]
  • Certified Trainer (HRDA)
  • Certified trainer (ECDL)
  • Certified EQ assessor of Six Seconds
  • Active member of Sound labour relationship Network
  • Member of CyHRMA (Cyprus Human Resource Management Association)
  • Member of CCS (Cyprus Computer Society)
  • HRM Lecturer