Management Consultation & Training

Prices vary


Through LCS Approach - a holistic view is applied. The first meeting is FREE and no commitments involved.

We are analyzing and examining the current situation.

Our suggestion is always based on the questions:
      1. Does it make value for you and your organization? If the answer is yes, let’s proceed, if not “it was very nice to meet you, we are at your disposal…)
      2. Will you be at least equally committed and aligned with our agreed goals?
      3. Will you make your best for optimal results?

We are using high tech tools to maintain things accountable. The ideal and the most added value solution is to plan in the long term.

“Short term planning based on recent research (2017, available) is one of the biggest obstacles for further development”, and at the end of the day, it does not make a significant value for both parties.

Therefore, our suggestion is a yearly, quarterly or a six-month cooperation, agreed-upon targets and particular projects. Direct interaction, commitment, personal assistance, immediate feedback means faster and specific results. “if you are happy with the outcome, we can even stay for lifelong partners”