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SEI is used in 127 countries for a broad range of training, coaching, selection, and development needs (read case studies using the tests). SEI is best-in-class because of the blend of robust psychometrics, easy practicality, and global relevance.

Where several other EQ tools provide meaningful feedback, the SEI is unique because it’s not JUST feedback, it delivers a process framework that equips people to actually USE emotional intelligence

The only tool based on Six Seconds’ model, the SEI is focused on developing key capacities for living and leading with emotional intelligence.

The report allows you to access the full power of this rigorous psychometric tool for a low cost. Six Seconds developed the three-part model in 1997 to help people put the theory of emotional intelligence into practice. The model draws on the work of Peter Salovey, Ph.D. (one of Six Seconds’ advisory board members), and Jack Mayer, Ph.D. who first defined EQ as a scientific concept. It also builds on the five components of EQ popularized by Daniel Goleman in his 1995 book, Emotional Intelligence, which endorses Six Seconds’ EQ curriculum, Self-Science.

The model integrates leading thinking on this emerging science into a practical, usable, memorable structure. The SEI was developed and researched in Europe and has been validated in North America and Asia. The SEI measures eight fundamentals of EQ, including emotional literacy, emotional management, and empathy. The SEI is the only tool measuring the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence

  • Know Yourself is increasing self-awareness. It helps people understand their own thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • Choose Yourself is building self-management and self-direction. It helps people follow their intentions and live more consciously.
  • Give Yourself is aligning daily choices with a larger sense of purpose. It helps people increase wisdom to relate meaningfully to others, lead from the heart, and make the most of life.

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Top 10 Skills

in 2015

  • 1. Complex Problem Solving

  • 2. Coordinating with Other

  • 3. People Management

  • 4. Critical Thinking

  • 5. Negotiation

  • 6. Quality Control

  • 7. Service Orientation

  • 8. Judgement and Decision Making

  • 9. Active Listening

  • 10. Creativity


Christos Nicolaou is a Certified emotional intelligence assessor of SIX SECONDS (accredited by ICF)

general Description