Leadership Development; Getting started 

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First, let’s make a step backward. Hmm, nice begging instead of moving forward….

You already have the capabilities; if not, probably, you weren’t going to be here reading this, so it is a matter of improvement. How many times you knew that “I can do it, but finally you didn’t, don’t worry it is common”.

I call it the ladder of success, which has 5 steps, one step each time.

I like giving extreme examples because they are very useful to realize my saying; smoking!

      1. Conscious Awareness; I realize that it is harmful, so what?
      2. Decision. I want to discontinue or I don’t want; if you want to, follow me
      3. Take action. Set a SMART target!

Up to now nothing strange either no difficulty… the 2 next steps are the crucial part.

      4. Consistency. Learning/changing is not an overnight procedure; transition period is needed and above all grit - persistence.
      5. The right context. You need support; an environment that will facilitate, encourage, inspire and motivate you. Within this environment maybe you are the most crucial part. You have to clearly state to yourself “I will be committed and I will do my best!”

Now us with many things in life the choice is critical. Effective decision making is by definition your capacity to make the best choice between your alternatives.

I am in a Continues Professional Leadership Development for the last 20 years. It never and up; it’s simply a fantastic journey; a journey in consciousness! I was managing from 35 to 135 people in well-known, reputable companies in Cyprus. The most important is that I know WHY I am doing it, and certainly, I do know how and what I am doing. One of my beloved mottos is “if there is a bunch of people that can do something, you can definitely do the same or even better”, so go for it…

So, let’s define where do WE start and where to YOU finish?

The easier answer is the second part “where do you finish?” it’s an endless process, disappointing or challenging that’s the truth simply because leadership is a way of life and a core part of a business leader is personal and professional development staying ahead is a lifelong learning; I love it, it energizes me and it gives me purpose of living and at the end of the day it improves my quality of life.

I have a structured program based on LCS_Approach, simple, challenging and powerful. Guarantee results -it will make value for you!

Every case is unique so let’s talk in person…