In-house seminars

In-House Seminars are 100% subsidized from (HRDA) Human Resources Development Authority of Cyprus.

If you are interested please fill the form below in order to arrange a meeting to examine your needs and wants. We will advise you accordingly. Our main aim is to create the maximum value for your organization.

Pre-requisites for Beneficial’s

  • Registered Company
  • Minimum number of participants is 6. Everyone should be registered as employees to your company, contributing social insurance.
  • The application to HRDA has to be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the training day.
  • Payment should be made to the training institution by same day cheque.

Full support

  • We will assist you with the paperwork procedure, don’t worry about that.
  • Within 4 months HRDA will deposit the whole amount to your corporate bank account

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