In helping businesses on Leadership, Customer Service & Communication - enhancing Human Performance through EQ!
How do we work
We work with businesses to design a sound strategy for fostering a leadership and customer-centric orientation throughout the whole organization. Since every case is unique an in-depth analysis of the needs is conducted in order to offer custom-made solutions based on the outcome of our analysis and also considering the size of the company.
What we do for you

• Consultation in the areas of our expertise • Interactive workshops designed based on year’s hands-on experience combined with contemporary academic knowledge • Training/coaching in the field (Teams & Individuals) • End to end solutions in customer service; conducting eNPS and cNPS surveys, designing policies and procedures and a follow-up system, ensuring “build to last” • We use scientific tools to measure performance - "measure it to manage it"

Sound strategic approach towards a leadership and customer-centric mentality ensuring build to last

CPL (Certified Professional Leadership) is a program which has been developed through years of hands-on experience and contemporary academic knowledge. A holistic approach for building a leadership and customer-centric mentality. Beyond the competencies and value that the organization - participants will acquire which is our main aim, they will gain a validated “certificate of proficiency” from CIM accompanied with a transcript of eight learnable People skills competencies.

Academic & professional qualifications
• MBA in Strategic Management • Certified Trainer (HRDA) • Certified trainer (ECDL) • Certified EQ assessor of Six Seconds • Active member of Sound labor relationship Network • Μember of CyHRMA • HRM Lecturer

In-house workshops; pre-requisite 6 people plus, are 100% subsidized from HRDA. My team is handling the paperwork.

For more information send me an email at or contact me directly on +357 99388314 to arrange a meeting. No commitments are involved. Cost is based on the value that your organization will gain.